Slovak AeroSpace Cluster
network of slovak R&D companies active in the field of Space technologies

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About us

The Slovak AeroSpace Cluster (SASC) fulfills the role of the partner institution for supporting the development of research, development, innovation and technologies in the field of space, aviation and defense.

The SASC is a voluntary, independent, non-political association of legal entities with legal personality that activates the development of members based on the principle of partnership established not for the purpose of generating profits.

The aim of the association is to create the best conditions for development of aerospace in Slovakia and to build an infrastructure that will serve to carry out activities in this area and will stimulate cooperation between the members of the association and other companies in the national economy.

Our Members

GOSPACE Tech has gained a unique experience with several space projects and space hardware and thus company continues its business based on its strengths: miniaturizations, telecommunication, space-qualified electronics and aerospace technologies. GOSPACE Tech offers research and development services, but we works on own technological projects and tries to place outcomes on the market in form of spinoffs.

CTRL was founded in 2010 and is ranked among small businesses. The intention of founding the company was building and deploying the electronic products with latest technologies and methods in the field of so called cyber-physical systems, which include mostly electronics, communication components and system approach with focus on the control. is a provider of geodetic and remote sensing analysis with focus on the deformation monitoring via satellite radar interferometry (InSAR, Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar). The primary aim of the company is the deformation monitoring of structures and infrastructures, urban areas, undermined and landsliding areas, deposits of mineral resources and objects of the strategic importance.

SARIO is a governmental agency working under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic. Its main tasks include attracting new investors and consulting investment projects as well as supporting the international activities of the Slovak businesses. Over the past year, SARIO has become the leading stakeholder in the development of the space industry environment in Slovakia through its Diversification services.

Our space technology projects

Members of the Slovak AeroSpace cluster are working on following projects in the domain of SPACE. These initiatives are funded by the ESA PECS programme of the Slovak Republic.



The objective of PECS project is to define, develop and test an autonomous landing system of our stratospheric probe, making use of onboard GPS receivers, a robotic gliding parachute and an onboard controller. Such a system shall significantly shorten payload recovery times and most importantly reduce the risk of landing in danger zones (e.g. lakes, mountains, cities, etc.).

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The goal of the project was to design, manufacture and perform a functional test of an EQM based on an existing capacitive multiturn absolute rotary encoder developed by CTRL. The EQM design has been reviewed to be compatible with space environment and an environmental qualification plan has been outlined to allow future qualification of the encoder for its use in space. TRL 4 was achieved.

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"Over cities' historical centres, bridges, highways and dams we can measure displacement every 6 days, simultaneously using millions of points covering huge area with high resolution and millimetre precision. We are focused on operational exploitation of InSAR technology and retrieval of potential deformation threats.

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